Welcome to Canada’s Premiere Bed and Breakfast

Looking to get away from the daily routine and take an adventure to the beautiful country of Canada?  Enjoy the comforts of quaint living in the bed and breakfast  luxuries of the The Manse Muskoka.

We have a long held tradition of providing style, luxury, and yet simple experiences with the homey feel of our small accommodations.  You get the freedom of travel just like a hotel, but with the personal touches that only a bed and breakfast can provide.

It’s a travel destination with tasty food, a friendly and inviting atmosphere, along with service that comes with a smile.  We keep the place clean and cozy for all of our guests.  We hope that you will be one, so come back and join us at themansemuskoka.com.

In the meantime, take a look at what Muskoka has to offer.